Hi, I am Evie, thank you for visiting my site!

I am an illustrator and designer from Nottingham, currently living in London. I love working with colour and texture to create fun, friendly designs for all the family. I have a particular interest in nature and animals and so these tend to be the focus of much of my work!

I graduated from the University of Westminster with a first class honours in Illustration and Visual Communication in 2020. Finishing my degree during the first lockdown due to coronavirus was not something I had ever imagined would have happened to me and ended up paving the way for my illustration career.

When the pandemic hit I wanted to do my bit to help. With my abundance of free time and creative skills but lack of medical training and a drivers license I thought about how I could apply my skillset to the pandemic. I wanted to help people say thank you to their loved ones and strangers on the front line but also encourage mindfulness and escapism through such unprecedented times. 

This resulted in my creation of several colouring sheets, ranging in difficulty and topic, these designs said thank you, I miss you and we will be together again soon. 

These became very popular and I had requests for thank you's for particular workers and  friends across the world and from UK based charities battling loneliness sending my sheets to the most vulnerable. I ended up in my local post and was on BBC Radio Nottingham spreading the word of my free downloadable sheets, they were seen up and down the country and across the world, spreading a little bit of joy and positivity through a dark time for many. 

I needed to create somewhere to host these designs and made and developed my website. I have since then been working on several projects from opening an Etsy shop selling prints and gifts to designing cards on Thortful. Occasionally I like to add a new colouring sheet to the mix but for now all of my original designs are still free and easy to download from my site!

I hope you have enjoyed scrolling through my site and please do get in touch if you have an exciting project, commission or idea and would love to work with me!

Look forward to hearing from you and have a great day!

Evie x


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